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That day, it was a beautiful sunny day when a sudden rain poured down, causing Akari Asakiri - My mother's best friend, to get wet all over her body and knock on the door asking for shelter. I was very worried and immediately ran to get a towel for her to absorb her body water. She carelessly took off all her clothes, leaving only her underwear on, and wiped herself in front of me. I have to say that even though she's almost 40, she still looks incredibly plump. Her big round breasts and curvy butt make me extremely excited. Looking at Asakiri makes my cock perk up without knowing it. Realizing that, she proactively helped me relieve my desire with her many years of lovemaking experience. I silently thanked the sudden rain outside for giving me the opportunity to have sex with this slutty mother's friend.

Mom was away, dad went up to secretly fuck his two beautiful daughters
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 Actor: Alex Blake