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Choky is at home with his wife waiting for the nail technician she called earlier. As soon as the employee arrived, she was still sitting on the chair and forced her husband to open the door. She was truly a strange wife. As soon as he opened the door, he was very surprised to see employee Sharon dressed so sexy and with an extremely seductive body. He invited her into the living room and this was also the time when the other wife reprimanded her for being late. After she gave specific instructions to prepare for a manicure, the wife put on headphones and a mask so she could work. As soon as she put on the mask, Sharon immediately started flirting with Choky. He was not shy at all and started making love to her right in front of his wife. Just after having sex, the wife took off her mask and was surprised to see this scene. She angrily scolded both of them, but it was useless, because everything had already happened.

RK-15435 Fuck me and make my nails fall apart in front of my wife
 Movie Code: RK-15435 
 Actor: Sharon Lee