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91CM-155 Bai Jingjing - My Wife Cannot Get Pregnant. Tricked by Old Man Doctor who Impregnated Her. A movie about a young couple, they have been married for a long time but still don't have a baby so they are very sad. One day, the couple went online and learned about an infertility treatment site that seemed very reputable. So the couple started looking. After a while of consideration, the old doctor told the wife to go into his own room for examination. The husband naively let his wife go into the room alone. As soon as he entered the room, he quickly took off her underwear, it was really It was so delicious that he rushed in to sip it. During the climax, the husband knocked on the door and asked to come in to see. So he had to think of a new way to help this couple. What is that way?

[China AV] What a fantasy, Bai Jingjing
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 Actor: Bai Jingjing