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Morning exercise is very good for the body, it is even a great solution to lose weight, helping women have an attractive body while also creating a deep impression in the eyes of men. Knowing this, Ashly always jogs regularly every day around the city area, especially where she runs through a very large and beautiful swimming pool inside a deserted luxury villa. One time, because it was too hot, she was a little curious and excited and thought that this place probably had no one living, so she boldly went in here to take a bath. But unfortunately, as soon as she stepped into the water, she was caught by a tall man, who turned out to be the owner of this villa. He was very angry, demanding compensation or suing her for arbitrarily entering another person's house without the homeowner's consent. At first she was very scared because she didn't have any money with her, but then she quickly thought of a very attractive alternative suggestion that no man could refuse in that situation - a situation where there was no money. cloth covering the body.

ZZ-2639135 Sneaking into someone else's swimming pool and the ending
 Movie Code: ZZ-2639135 
 Actor: Ashly Anderson